Supercharge your returns by investing in parking lots in the heart of New York City


Rentrium is bringing institutional quality real estate assets on-chain for international investors. Our first offering is centered around the parking garage as an asset class.

Fundamentally, Rentrium aims to make it easy for investors around the world to get exposure to quality US real estate in a decentralized way.


Rentrium aims to democratize access to U.S. real estate investments, starting with high-performance assets like NYC parking garages. By leveraging blockchain technology, we offer international investors a transparent and streamlined platform to easily invest in and benefit from real estate deals traditionally outperforming major indexes.

Our mission is to simplify investment in quality real estate where demand consistently exceeds supply, enabling global investors to participate in lucrative U.S. markets with just a few clicks.

Our Product Categories

Parking Garages

We chose parking garages as our inaugural asset class because they represent a unique investment opportunity within the U.S. real estate market.

Historically, parking garages in NYC have not only outperformed the S&P 500, but they also provide a stable income due to constant demand and limited supply. Quite simply, everyone needs parking and cars aren't going anywhere. This makes them a particularly attractive and resilient investment. By starting with parking garages, we offer our investors access to a proven, high-quality asset that ensures both reliability and profitability in their investment portfolio.